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Test Pit 57: Garden of Sisters of the Love of God (Fairacres Convent)

Introduction: One of a series of test pits excavated in 2012/2013 in the Iffley Fields area to locate extent of prehistoric activity identified by A.M. Bell in late 19C/early 20C. The site is located towards the base of a gentle East to West slope overlooking the Thames flood plain (see figure 2).  This is the lowest lying of the three test pits in the grounds of Fairacres Convent. First Edition Ordnance Survey Mapping shows this area as being part of the grounds of Fairacres House constructed early 19C (see figure 3).  A break of slope in this area of the garden is thought to relate to post-medieval quarrying and dumping.


Excavation summary: A substantial depth of topsoil (100) overlaid two probably natural deposits (101) and (102).  (101) is likely to represent Head deposits, (102) is likely to represent the eastern most extent of terrace two of the Thames gravels.