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Archeox Excavations at Bartlemas Chapel and Leper Hospital site, Autumn 2011

Excavation in progress at Bartlemas Chapel, Autumn 2011Excavation in progress at Bartlemas Chapel, Autumn 2011

Project Report Structure: The chapters of the report are contained in a series of linked .pdf and .xls files


Chapter One: An introductory series

a. Location and background

b. Brief history of Bartlemas

c. Summary of excavation

d. Participants and acknowledgements


Chapter Two: The detailed reports from the three trenches which contain photos, drawings and summaries.

Trench One

Trench 1 Narrative 1


Trench 1 Narrative_2

Trench 1 Context Checklist

Trench 1 Harris Matrix

Trench 1 Drawing, photo, and sample lists

Trench 1 Complete plan

Trench 1 Sector A and B

Trench 1 Sector C

Trench 1 Sector C_1

Trench 1 Sector D

Trench 1 Sector E

Trench 1 Sector F

Trench 1 Phase_drawing


Trench Two

Trench 2 Narrative

Trench 2 Context Checklist

Trench 2 Harris Matrix

Trench 2 Drawing, photo and sample lists

Trench 2 Plans 2.2-2.3

Trench 2 Plans 2.4-2.5

Trench 2 Plans 2.6-2.9-2.11-2.15

Trench 2 Plans 2.7

Trench 2 Plans 2.8-2.10-2.12-2.13

Trench 2 Plans 2.14

Trench 2 Sections 201-204

Trench 2 Sections 205-206


Trench Three

Trench 3 Narrative

Trench 3 Context _checklist

Trench 3 Harris Matrix

Trench 3 Drawing and photo lists

Trench 3 Plans

Trench 3 Sections


Chapter Three: The specialist reports

a. Bulk Finds (all finds excavated)

b. Small Finds (the notable finds)

c. Lithic Finds (prehistoric stone tools)

d. Human Bone

e. Animal Bone

f. Pottery Finds

g. Environmental Evidence (seeds, small bones, charcoal and shells)


Chapter Four: Images of Archeox volunteers at work

a. Volunteers_at_work


Chapter Five: Research articles and volunteer reflections

a. Bartlemas Chapel in the Landscape