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Test pit 71: 47 Fairacres Road

Introduction: Test pit 71 is one of a series of test pits excavated in the Iffley Fields area during 2012/13. These test pits were excavated in order to locate a spread of prehistoric activity said to have been found in this area by A.M.Bell in the late 19th/early 20th century. The site is located towards the top of a gentle East to West slope overlooking the Thames flood plain (see figure 2). The Fairacres Road  area was open fields until c.1900 (see figure 3).


Excavation summary: Layers (101) and (102) comprised turf and top soil respectively and had a combined depth of 0.20m.  They over lay (103) a 0.35m thick layer of redeposited plough/subsoil. Layer (103) overlay a 0.04m thick clinker pathway (104), which in turn over lay layer 105 which consisted of remnant 19th century plough soil grading into in-situ sub soil.  A single sherd of possible Roman pottery was recovered from layer 105.  No prehistoric lithic finds were recovered.

TP71 full report