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Test pit 70: 48 Temple Road, Temple Cowley, Oxford

This test pit was excavated in the garden of one of the older houses on Temple Road,showing on the oldest OS map with an associated orchard to the south. The area of garden inwhich the test pit was located was built up above the level of the house to the west and theroad to the north. One of the many wells in this area of Temple Cowley was a few metres tothe NW. The build-up seemed to have originated at least in the eighteenth century andpossibly earlier and was notable for slag, charcoal and clay pipe. Although not producing asmuch Roman pottery as test pits to the east and NE there was at least one possible Romansherd. Tree roots were a great problem and natural was not quite reached. The nature of thesoil however suggested that the test pit was close to the geological junction between the sandand clay/silt soils.


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