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Test pit 61: 1 David Nicholls Close

Introduction: One of a series of test pits excavated in the historic core of Littlemore in July 2013.  Test pit 61 is located in the back garden of 1 David Nicholls Close. David Nicholls Close was built in the mid-1990s in the grounds of Lawn Upton House built in 1846 (see figure 3).


Excavation summary: Test pit 61 measured 1x1m by a maximum of depth of c. 0.80m. Turf (101) and modern levelling (102) had a combined depth of c 0.20m.  Layer (102) overlay a spread of material (103) which slumped into the fill of c 0.5m deep, linear, North/South cut [105].  Fill/spread (103) contained modern construction debris (including fragments of plastic pipe).  (103) and cut [105] are considered to be modern.  [105] cuts natural deposits (104).  A single sherd of possible Medieval pottery was found in turf (101), however, its provenience should be treated with caution as the turf is likely to have been imported rather than ‘grown’ in-situ.

TP61 full report