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Geophysical Survey - Donnington Recreation Ground

The East Oxford Archaeology and History Project conducted 1.8 hectares of gradiometer survey and smaller areas of detailed gradiometer and earth resistance survey on Donnington Recreation Ground, Iffley in 2012 and 2013. The survey was the most successful of all of the geophysical surveys carried out as part of the ARCHEOX project.  Examination of archaeological records as well as cartographic and other geospatial data sets correctly identified the survey area as being both relatively undisturbed and as having a high archaeological potential. The survey identified a possible Neolithic pit circle (feature A), which was later tested by excavation.  A large number of other probable and possible archaeological features were also identified in the survey results, several of which may also be prehistoric in date. Two linear features are thought to be removed post-medieval field boundaries.

Download the report here