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Littlemore Test Pit Weekend

15 June 2013 - 9:30am - 16 June 2013 - 4:30pm
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We welcome both seasoned volunteers and complete beginners to join the Project for our Littlemore Testpits. You will unearth finds and learn excavation techniques - the same techniques as are used in full-scale excavations - but there is also plenty to do  if you want to join in, but not to dig.

You can book places for just one day or both, we are very flexible and can except bookings for half days too but please do specify when requesting a place. We will be investigating the medieval (and older) village centre of Littlemore, digging in the grounds of some of the older houses as well as other targeted gardens. Earlier work has showed us that Littlemore was an important medieval village with two centres and we want to discover more about the size of the early medieval village and its earlier landscapes. For example, we know from the worked flint found in our Minchery Priory excavation that there was significant prehistoric activity in the area. If you live in Littlemore and would like to dig a test-pit with the Project and contribute to this important research then please also let us know Remember the test pits are only 1m square so can fit almost anywhere. We know there are several of you in Littlemore who have already volunteered your gardens. Thank you! Areas of especial interest in Littlemore include the triangle within Cowley Road and Oxford Road. Finally if you are one of our seasoned diggers and would like to supervise a test-pit please let me know