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Radiocarbon dates from Donnington Recreation Ground

This document by Dr Seren Griffiths interprets the four radiocarbon dates taken on material recovered from the ARCHEOX Project's 2013 excavations at Donnington Recreation Ground.


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A Gradiometer Survey of Donnington Recreation Ground, Iffley, Oxford

The East Oxford Archaeology and History Project conducted 1.8 hectares of gradiometer survey and smaller areas of static point gradiometer and earth resistance survey on Donnington Recreation Ground, Iffley in 2012 and 2013. The survey was the most successful of all of the geophysical surveys carried out as part of the ARCHEOX project.

Test Pit 45, 15 Whitethorne Way

1960’s housing estate. We excavated in the front garden. According to records the area was mostly farm land until the estate was built during the 1960’s.Test pit reached 1m depth in the sondage. Very little found of any apparent significance. Once we had uncovered the pipe (103) we left that section alone. One bone found but not identified; occasional pottery was found – one possible Roman and one possible medieval sherd.

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Test pit 22: 142 Cricket Road

142 Cricket Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 3DL, UK

The test pit was dug at the bottom of the garden which backs onto school grounds and positioned to avoid tree roots. Cricket Road was developed in the 1930s but marks a much older boundary and possible route between Cowley and Oxford. The first edition Ordnance Survey 25in map 1877 shows the site as a field. The north-east corner of the pit was 21.75m from the house. Read more.

Test pit 39: 4 Bergamot Place

4 Bergamot Place, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 7GL, UK

The test pit was dug in the lawn of the back garden. The house is part of a modern housing development which is less c 20 years old. Prior to the house being built it was farmland. This area is known to be part of a Romano-British pottery industrial area, with nearby Roman road to Alchester. Read more.

Test pit 52: 13 Belvedere Road

13 Belvedere Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 2AZ, UK

The Test pit was dug in the back garden of a 30’s house, built approx. 1935. The area is shown as a field in the First Edition Ordnance Survey Map and before that, which in effect means before the Enclosures, it is shown as “Cowley Marsh” (Cowley Enclosure Map, 1853; Christ Church Tenancy Map, 1777).

Test pit 66: 9 Junction Road

9 Junction Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 2NT, UK

This test pit was one of a cluster dug in the Temple Cowley area on the weekend of 29-30th June 2013 with the aim of finding out more about the archaeology of the area, especially the medieval activity associated with the Preceptory of the Knights Templar. The site was located within the grounds of a large house known as Quintain on old maps until the current house was built around the turn of the 20th century. Read more

Archeox excavations at Donnington Recreation Ground October 2013 - DR13

WORK IN PROGRESS - As elements of the post-excavation process for Donnington Recreation Ground are completed they are added to the website here - WORK IN PROGRESS


Project Report Structure: The chapters of the report are contained in a series of linked .pdf and .xls files


Chapter One: Introduction


Chapter Two: The detailed reports on the excavation and geophysical survey

Chapter Three: The specialist reports

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