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Archeox excavations at Minchery Paddock autumn 2012

WORK IN PROGRESS - As elements of the post-excavation process for Minchery Paddock 2012 are completed they are added to the website here - WORK IN PROGRESS

Project Report Structure: The chapters of the report are contained in a series of linked .pdf and .xls files

Chapter One: An introductory series

Chapter Two: The detailed reports from the three trenches which contain photos, drawings and summaries.

Minchery Paddock 2012 - Trench 2

Trench 2 was opened to join John Moore Heritage Services (JMHS) 2006 evaluation trenches 3 and 4. JMHS Trench 3 had yielded medieval pottery and tile and possible wall foundations, while JMHS trench 4 had revealed the corner of a hearth, a well and also contained medieval pottery and tile.The new trench was L-shaped: 13m N-S x 11m W-E at its maximum,with the longer N-S arm being 5m wide and the shorter W-E arm 4m wide.


The following documents from MP12 trench 2 are available for download.

Test Pit 65: Archeox Shed - Ark T centre, John Bunyan Baptist Church, between Beauchamp Lane and Crowell Road.

In November 2011 two test pits were dug in the grounds of the Ark T Centre. The
first, EOXP Test Pit 5 (AKT 1), was on the eastern side of the grounds, adjoining

Test Pit 64: 47 Oxford Road, Littlemore

The medieval village of Littlemore was a tiny agricultural community miles outside the walled city
of Oxford (Lobel 2008, 206). Today it is located approximately 2.5 miles (4km) southeast of the city

Test pit 72: Bartlemas Chapel Reburial

During the  22  September  –  4 November 2011  excavation at Bartlemas Chapel,  a range of

Test Pit 55: 21 Fairacres Road

21 Fairacres Road

Introduction:  One of a series of test pits excavated in 2012/2013 in the Iffley Fields area to locate extent of prehistoric activity identified by A.M. Bell in late 19C/early 20C.


Test pit 51: 3 Bedford Street

Introduction: One of a series of test pits excavated in the Iffley Fields area during 2012/13.  Test pits were excavated in order to locate a spread of prehistoric activity said to have been found in this area by A.M.Bell in the late 19th/20th century.  The site is loca


Test pit 48: 21 Bedford Street


Geophysical survey of South Park

The attached .pdf file gives the results of a gradiometer survey of South Park carried out by the Archaeology of East Oxford Project in winter 2012-13

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